The system is an open source open access project and is designed to be vendor and system neutral.

The very lowest cost LEO Class 1 ground stations use custom software running on a micro-controller board to receive and store a slice of bandwidth (typically a few 10sKHz wide) from a very low cost software defined radio on a range of frequencies specified for the ground station and time of day by a central web site that the ground station polls. The signal is stored locally on an memory card and forwarded to a cloud based soft modem for decoding. The forwarded and decoded signals are stored centrally and made available to client software to do with as it wishes.

Class 2 ground stations use a similar scheduler running on a personal computer that launches VMWare based virtual machines running mission specific software which have control over the radio and antenna hardware via virtual Yaesu compatible CAT and GS232B interfaces. This software can either run on computers located at the same location as the ground stations (typically used for the bigger ground stations) or on a cloud computing service such as Amazon S3 with data being provided by thin client soft radios (typically used for the small low-cost receive only ground stations).

The system support multiple networks and missions via its own interfaces and through an experimental GENSO interface. Once the basic global ground station network has been installed and demonstrated to be reliable for a significant period of time, the software defined radio design and system software will be released under a BSD open source license.

More details, software and source code will be posted here soon.


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