LEO Class 2

myGroundStations.com LEO Class 2 ground station: a roof top uplink and downlink ground station for medium speed, medium strength nano-satellite communication links.

These ground stations support 2m, 70cm and S-band two-way communications with spacecraft.


  • Steerable
  • 70cm Yagi
  • 2m Yagi
  • 60cm S-band parabolic

Data throughput:

  • up to 115Kbps
  • typical 41MB per satellite per day decoded data
  • maximum 1GB per day (24 hour utilisation) decoded data


  • Less than GBP 1300 / EUR 1600 / USD 2000


  • 3 x myGroundStations.com software defined radios


  • myGroundStations.com scheduler
  • myGroundStations.com baseband store and forward client
  • myGroundStations.com soft terminal node controller client
  • GENSO GSS client


  • Sufficient to provide up to 6 hours a day contact with a 700km low earth orbit satellite
  • At least six distributed 120 degrees around the globe in northern and southern hemispheres

You can download the KML file for viewing in Google Earth by clicking here.


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