Donate! is a global volunteer based ground station network which we hope will eventually download and archive telemetry from all compatible spacecraft continuously.

If you would like to support this effort financially, you can do so by making a donation of any amount via the secure webpage here.

If you would like to host a site yourself or sponsor a specific type of site, please donate via the following links:

  • Sponsor a LEO Class 1 ground station here ($499)
  • Sponsor a LEO Class 2 ground station here ($1999)
  • Sponsor a NEL Class 2 ground station here ($9999)

Donations support the cost of hardware development, manufacturing, shipping, installation support and signal processing. The current suggested donations accurately reflect the current cost of providing support to the first ground stations in the network. We expect the donation required to support the different levels to come down over time as we refine the installation and support process and will update the suggested donation levels to reflect this.

Please note that this is an experimental project and does not offer any performance or uptime guarantees and any donations should be provided in the spirit of a contribution towards a research project rather than purchase of a product or service.

Thank you for your support!

The team

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